Not All Tarts Are Apple - coverot All Tarts Are Apple (2002) is set in 1953 and told by Rosie Featherby, the 7-going-on-8 adopted daughter of Bert and Maggie, who run a working men’s cafe at the Cambridge Circus end of Dean Street. It concerns young Rosie’s attempts to come to terms with discovering her natural mother, good-time girl Cassie, and her wealthy family, and culminates in an audacious kidnap by two very hissable villains.

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It also introduces local characters such as Madame Zelda, clairvoyant to the stars; the hard-drinking, sharp-minded solicitor, Sharky Finn; the handsome and feckless Luigi, youngest of the Campanini clan; T.C., the local policeman; and Bert’s boyhood pal and local ‘businessman’, Maltese Joe.

'Not All Tarts Are Apple' won the Harry Bowling Prize for fiction.

Reviews of 'Not All Tarts Are Apple'

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Reviews of 'Not All Tarts Are Apple'

‘This warm first novel set in working-class Soho in the Fifties explores an adult world through a child’s eyes … The author spent her childhood in Soho which perhaps explains the convincing period detail.’ Daily Mail

‘A truly lovely and well told story.’ B Magazine

‘A warm-hearted debut novel guaranteed to please.’ Woman’s Own

‘A poignant story with a strong authentic backdrop.’ Woman & Home

‘A wonderfully warm debut novel told with humour, charm and compassion … I loved it, as will anyone who enjoys reading a good story, delightfully told.’ Gilda O’Neil, author of My East End

‘An absolute delight. Without doubt, the most wonderful book you’ll read this year.’ Christina Jones, author of Nothing to Lose

‘A delightfully fresh and original novel with an unexpected sinister streak.’ Maureen Lee, winner of the RNA 2000 Romantic Novel of the Year

‘Anyone who appreciates fine storytelling will eagerly await further word from Rosie …’ Publishers Weekly

‘There are certain authors, usually English, who are not mystery writers themselves but for one reason or another are beloved by mystery readers. P.G. Wodehouse is one; so are Miss Read and Dodie Smith. Now we can add Pip Granger …A book that warms the heart without ever being sentimental, and it evokes a time, place and state of mind so beguilingly that we don’t want it to end.’ Denver Post


Next book in series: The Widow Ginger

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